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Traffic Sign Inventory

Transconomy and Kimley-Horn recently joined forces to create a traffic sign inventory and sign condition database for the City of Lone Tree, Colorado. Staff at Kimley-Horn collected about 100 lane-miles of the street imagery using a Go-Pro camera with instructions provided by Transconomy team to ensure quality and consistency for data collection. Nearly 50,000 Images were then uploaded to the Transconomy Hub, where the Transconomy AI algorithm was executed. These raw images were automatically processed to identify assets, remove duplicate assets in consecutive images, and geo-tag asset locations on a map. The software also provides the GIS-based asset inventory in Shapefiles (SHP) for use in Esri applications and Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files for use in Google applications.
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Pavement Marking Inventory

TranSystems teamed up with iENGINEERING in a joint effort to create a comprehensive pavement marking inventory for the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). TranSystems collected 64 lane miles of roadway image data using the Transconomy Collector mobile app. At the end of the data collection, Transconomy Collector automatically synchronized around 3,500 geo-coded images to the cloud (Transconomy Hub) for data processing and asset extraction. Advanced AI algorithms were used to extract lineal lengths of pavement markings and quantities of symbol markings to create a comprehensive asset inventory. The inventory results were integrated into Transconomy Viewer to provide data visualization along with comma-separated values (CSV) and Keyhole Markup Language (KML) formats.


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