Smart Solutions for Transportation Industry

Automated Asset Identification

An AI-enabled solution for transportation asset management with speedy image processing and geo-location capabilities to identify transportation assets from roadway images.

Complete Asset Inventory - Infographic

Complete Asset Inventroy

We have the resources to develop and manage the complete Asset inventory for your organization. From traffic signs to light poles, and from guard-rails to Rumble strips, we have everything covered.

About Us

Merging Transportation & Innovation

The Transconomy team is a unique blend of people from diverse backgrounds that include engineers, programmers, data scientists, cloud specialist, civil engineers, research fellows, and even PhD’s, working together to pursue game-changing advances in technology and develop cutting-edge tools for solving complex real-world problems. Our team is focused on combining advances in data science with innovations in machine learning and big data to solve some of the toughest challenges of transportation industry.

Our Expertise

Delivering Next Generation Technology Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-technologies utilize machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning to recognize patterns in data or images to retrieve actionable insights.

Cloud Data Management

We develop processes that utilize the exceptional scalability and flexibility of cloud infrastructure to meet rapidly changing demands of ever-growing data.

Analytics and Visualizations

Our solutions are embedded with powerful analytics and visualization tools that help in developing quick visualizations and making data-driven decisions.

Process Automation

Our solutions are built on robust and powerful algorithms that allow time-taking and laborious processes to be executed in real-time at a very high speed.


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