GIS-based roadway asset inventory, simplified.

LEVERAGE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR ROADWAY ASSET EXTRACTION Say goodbye to sending terabytes of data to third party service providers and waiting a lifetime to get asset inventory. We provide tools to collect roadway images and automatically extract assets to compile a GIS-based inventory of your critical transportation infrastructure.

Designed to meet the MUTCD, MIRE, and other specifications.

Transconomy creates accurate roadway asset inventories meeting Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) specifications. We have trained our AI models to recognize traffic signs based on the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for Streets and Highways, and other roadway assets based on available national and state standards and specifications. This helps agencies meet the requirements provided by FHWA Office of Safety in the Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE). The AI models can also be easily adjusted to meet other specifications. Transconomy classifies assets into relevant category and type.

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Warning Signs
Regulatory Signs
Destination Signs
Information Signs

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Point Assets

Signals & Devices
Light Posts & Utility Poles
Fire Hydrants & Parking Meters
Markers & Delineators

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Line Assets

Guardrails & Barriers
Medians & Sidewalks
Pavement Markings
Lanes & Shoulders


Transconomy provides a solution for everyone.

From large transportation agencies to small consulting firms or local authorities, and everywhere in-between, our flexible approach provides solutions for all your asset inventory needs.


Automated road assets extraction powered by AI.

Transconomy offers a seamless process to create and use roadway asset inventories.

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Plan & Collect

Manage your projects and plan data collection, all in one place. Use our iOS and Android apps to collect images at your preferred frequency and sync to the cloud.

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Leverage the power of AI to automatically extract roadway assets (from any source) complying with relevant standards.

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Visualize & Validate

Plot all assets in your network on an interactive map. Use visualization to conduct QC as needed and provide feedback to improve performance.

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Download complete inventories in compatible formats to integrate with your GIS and asset management tools.


Save time, cut costs, add value.

Transconomy offers lower cost and processing time per mile for creating your roadway asset inventory. Our AI models automate the process and eliminate human random error. Using feedback loops for our AI models, we can provide quality control (QC) and enhancements to reduce systematic errors.

Transconomy adds value without adding labor costs. Whether conducting a field inspection or collecting other data, you can easily integrate Transconomy Collector into your existing processes to collect roadway images. What if you already have roadway images? Simple. Supplement your workflow with Transconomy Manager for asset extraction.


An end-to-end solution you can depend on.

Transconomy ecosystem provides connected tools that streamline your asset inventory process.

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Transconomy Collector

Collect and synchronize roadway images on the go

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Transconomy Hub

Reliable storage for all your image data on the cloud

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Transconomy Manager

Manage your transportation networks and extract assets using AI

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Transconomy Viewer

Provide color-coded visualizations for point and segment data on an interactive map