Helping you accomplish your AI goals.

Whether you want to get your hands on high-quality labeled data, develop robust AI models, or integrate AI capability into existing products and services, Transconomy equips you with powerful AI consulting services to achieve your AI objectives.


Accelerating the complete AI development lifecycle.

Transconomy equips you with the right training data, trains AI models, and integrates AI capability into your technology services.

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Data Annotation and Labeling

Our data annotation and labeling service helps you formulate the right labeling strategy in creating a diverse and representative dataset for your AI models. We use a smart labeling methodology where we first train AI models for your problem and then our team of trained technicians use the output of the models to create high-quality and pixel-perfect annotations. This lets us deliver labeled data faster and without any random human errors.

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Artificial Intelligence Modeling

Transconomy helps you add intelligence to your products and services by delivering accurate AI models to solve your specific business problems. We deliver custom AI models that analyze images and videos, understand data, make predictions, and comprehend speech. Whether it is computer vision, natural language processing, or object recognition, Transconomy can help you streamline your AI development processes.

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Integration into Technology Services

Transconomy designs scalable architecture for your AI systems to help you push your AI models into production on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Based on the requirement and type of AI models to be deployed on the cloud, we package the models into Flask and Docker applications. In addition, Transconomy also develops REST APIs so your services can conveniently interact with the AI models.

Let us streamline your data labeling and AI development processes.